Prayers for a husband, the man God has for me. Prayers that God blesses me with a man like Eb from the tv show Green Acres. I desire so much to be a wife and mom.

Nov-23 / last prayer 7h ago
Bryson Pounds

I would like to ask for prayer that id be able to play guitar and sing for my church if it’s Gods will, and that id make lifelong friends in my church. Also that id be an encouragement in the workplac

Nov-28 / last prayer 7h ago
McClain family

Our 19 year old niece was killed in a car accident last night. Please pray the peace that surpasses all understanding for her family.

Nov-07 / last prayer 7h ago
Zordan Kodi

Prayers on the Elect everyplace to overhaul the current culture in Christianity, being informed on problem solving in the verses, kingship, priesthood, childhood to the heirs who don't know Jesus!

Nov-08 / last prayer 7h ago
Kelly Brooks

Surgery went good.

Nov-19 / last rejoice 7h ago
Mary of Waite

Please pray for my 82 year old father & 81 year old mother they have so many health problems & my mom is my dad's only caretaker 24/7. URGENT PLEASE PRAY 4 MY ENTIRE FAMILY & FAMILY OF ORIGIN.

Nov-12 / last prayer 7h ago
Shirley Fore Leigh

Still in icu , off ventilator, improving. Thank you for your prayers.

Nov-16 / last rejoice 33h ago
John Nelson

John Nelson needs prayer for an upcoming surgery for a growth on his spine

Nov-09 / last prayer 7h ago

Thanks for the many prayers. God has answered and we are in a new place. Remember to wait on the Lord in Faith. He will always work things for the good of those in Christ Jesus.

Nov-19 / last rejoice 7h ago
Tony white

My brother Tony had a major stroke Saturday night… In icu with swelling of brain.. no movement in right side.. Speech very little…

Nov-16 / last prayer 7h ago
Ginger Groover

Please pray for these panic attacks to end. For my body to feel better. Having side effects to medicine I'm taking. Thank you

Nov-27 / last prayer 7h ago

I’d like to be added to your emergency prayer chain for heart and breathing problems im having and for upcoming tests I’m getting done that the Lord would heal me and bring comfort and peace. Id also

Nov-26 / last prayer 7h ago

I’d like to ask for prayer for music that id be able to keep practicing and open doors and also my new job that God would help me to be an encouragement to coworkers and get along well with them.

Nov-12 / last prayer 7h ago
Suzanne Joanne Torres

Please pray for a witch coven to be removed from upstairs that is wreaking havoc in our apartment building. Please pray

Nov-29 / last prayer 7h ago
Wayne and Judy

Please pray for my friends wife’s stepfather Wayne in Florida. He has stage 4 lung cancer and will be in hospice. Also pray for his wife Judy to have peace and strength through this time.

Nov-08 / last prayer 7h ago
Shirley Fore Leigh

Shirley passed away. Pray for her family and loved ones

Nov-08 / last prayer 7h ago
Donna Diapold

Dear Beach family. I'm having severe anxiety with where I'm living. I had to call EMS last night because my roommate Donna relapsed in her Alcoholism. Her O2 was 83 and was drinking in bed for 4 days.

Nov-26 / last prayer 7h ago
Richard Strawn

I covet the prayers of this Church for a good report on an upcoming colon screen after a preliminary test showed it to be a possibility. I pray the blood of Jesus to wash my body with healing.

Nov-22 / last prayer 7h ago
Sal D

Sadly Sal D passed away. Please pray for the family for peace and comfort

Nov-09 / last prayer 7h ago
Kelly Brooks

I will be having surgery on Friday. It is a second surgery on my left hand. Please be in prayer that it fixes some of the issue this time.

Nov-16 / last prayer 7h ago
Mary Anne

Please pray for Mary Ann who has mouth cancer

Nov-10 / last prayer 7h ago
Linda Snyder

Please pray for my wife Linda, take her cancer out of her, In the name of Jesus Amen

Nov-17 / last prayer 7h ago

Please pray for Amy who has had breast cancer return

Nov-10 / last prayer 7h ago
David Rourk’s Family and friends

Requesting prayer for the Rourk family. David Rourk passed away. He was only 31 years old.

Nov-18 / last prayer 7h ago

Unspoken request

Nov-19 / last prayer 7h ago

Pray for Rachael's financial benifit, a second job. Her counseling weekly, to detach from a friendship, that shall remain Christ Centered despite a breakup. Her calling

Nov-09 / last prayer 7h ago