Bryce Gabriel

My great nephew Bryce Gabriel has RSV. He is in ICU on ventilator. Please pray for him.

Sep-15 / last prayer 13h ago
Earline "Candy" Moore

Having digestive issues since the stomach surgery in April. Not able to eat much and often nauseous after eating. Need Holy Spirit insight on what to do as doctors don't have advise.

Sep-19 / last prayer 13h ago

Please pray for Nikki, who had brain surgery to remove a tumor and needs a miracle so that she will regain full function of her brain and her body functions

Sep-09 / last prayer 13h ago
Frank Williams

Please pray for my friends dad, Frank Williams. He is 78, recently had spinal surgery, then developed bilateral pulmonary embolisms and now has fluid on his brain.

Sep-14 / last prayer 10m ago

Please pray for Gary Lesh! GARY had a heart attack or stroke and they are still determining which one it is. We will get back ASAP as soon as we glean more information.

Sep-21 / last prayer 7m ago
Terry Foss

Pray for Terry Foss who has covid,for minimal symptoms, and quick recovery, and no complications in Jesus's name

Sep-16 / last prayer 13h ago
Rosa Brown

Pray for Rosa Brown who has to take second covid shot to keep her job. Pray that there are no side effects

Sep-16 / last prayer 13h ago
Kimberly Burcham

Prayers needed for Kimberly who attended church for the first time. Her partner Arthurs Alcoholism is severe. Thank you!

Sep-19 / last prayer 13h ago
Ronnie Harrelson

Success for back surgery and a quick recovery!

Sep-19 / last prayer 13h ago
Crystal Harper & Ashley Hassell

Patsy Brantley’s cousin, Crystal, has had chemotherapy for Uterine Cancer and her granddaughter, Ashley, has Crohn’s disease.

Sep-09 / last prayer 45m ago
Katie Bass

Please pray for Katie bass. She is in ICU and critical care let's believe God for full recovery and that her heart remains strong during this time

Sep-14 / last prayer 3h ago
Judy Gouldin

I want to praise God for providing work for me. Also for trusting and giving me grace to take care of hospice patients.

Sep-21 / last prayer 7m ago
James Trim

Need prayer for a baby named James Trim. He has cancer and is being treated at St. Jude.

Sep-08 / last prayer 44m ago
Alyssa Crews

Please pray for Alyssa Crews, who is 28 weeks pregnant and failed 2 sugar tests. This could mean she had gestational diabetes. I claim healing in Jesus name.

Sep-19 / last prayer 13h ago

Please pray for Michelle who is in limbo waiting for surgery for thyroid cancer. The waiting list is as long as several months. Pray for an opening! Healing!

Sep-16 / last prayer 9m ago
Jerry Phillips

Dave Phillips is believing God for a miraculous healing for his brother Jerry Phillips, who has leukemia, in Jesus's name

Sep-15 / last prayer 13h ago

Please pray for Debbie Van Evera’s niece Shannon. She is being rushed to the hospital. She has second Covid shot yesterday.

Sep-23 / last prayer 7m ago
Wyatt Crews

Please pray for my grandson, Wyatt. He broke his arm/elbow and is having surgery Wednesday, September 8th.

Sep-07 / last prayer 8m ago
Seth and Conner Hatcher

Please pray for Seth and Conner Jase they both have Severe Sinus Infection! Running fever.

Sep-13 / last prayer 13h ago
Aunt Grace

Please pray for my Aunt and all my family. Last night we found out Aunt Grace has pneumonia in one lung so they kept her in the hospital. This morning they have called family in. Please pray for us.

Sep-16 / last prayer 13h ago
Joe Demko

Joe Demko, he has severe pain in his spine that won’t allow him to walk hardly at all. The doctors can’t seem to figure out why. Wife is Kathleen, she needs strength to help him.

Sep-08 / last prayer 13h ago

For job opportunity to come through I have it is God's Will.

Sep-08 / last prayer 4h ago

Pray for Jacque from Brazil, with a unspecified request

Sep-04 / last prayer 10m ago
Buddy Ball

Please pray for Buddy Ball, he is out of the hospital and getting better day by day.

Sep-09 / last prayer 3h ago
Bass Katie

Let's all stop what we are doing right now to up lift Katie Bass! Welove you Katie and God is fighting for you so hard right now! I speak healing over you in Jesus' name!!!! Amen!!!!

Sep-14 / last prayer 4m ago
Jack Peeks

Jack had a bone density scan today. Pray he has sufficient mineralization in his legs so he can get a standing frame.

Sep-23 / last prayer 5m ago

Please pray for comfort, peace, mercy, and for favor and Jesus knows this situation. We pray for favor and protection over all in our family.

Sep-17 / last prayer 10m ago
Poulos family

Trisha Poulos passed away from COVID on 9-9. I appreciate all the Prayers. Continue to pray for her husband Gary and daughter Kristy and her family.

Sep-14 / last rejoice 13h ago
Mike Fisher

Pray for Mike Fisher to be delivered from drugs and alcohol and depression. I pray that God would put people in his path to lead him to Jesus.

Sep-12 / last prayer 13h ago
jessi Cadwell and family

I pray for all the ones who cast the prayers to this prayer wall. May you all feel Gods love and receive Gods mercy.

Sep-08 / last prayer 9m ago
Don Gage

Pray for Don Gage who has covid and is in need of total absolute healing and Recovery

Sep-13 / last prayer 13h ago
Hudson Fravel

Pray for healing. 2 year old Hudson is being tested for Covid. Very sick at this time.

Sep-14 / last prayer 13h ago
Karen May

My wife Karen May is sick with the covid

Sep-05 / last prayer 13h ago

Thank you Father God that you have not given me a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power over fear, so that I don't have to be anxious or worried about anything anymore, in Jesus's name amen!

Sep-17 / last prayer 7m ago
jessi Cadwell and family

Lord please continue to hold and sustain us. We need you guidence your favor and love. Also I am being forced to take the covid shot, which I do not want to take, please pray for me!

Sep-05 / last prayer 13h ago
Mark Edwards

I am going to be displaying my artwork at the Irish Italian festival on September 25 I pray the Lord will bless me and I’ll sell my images and that the weather will be good no rain.

Sep-16 / last prayer 42m ago
Greg and Brenda Forletta

Please pray for strength and healing in my marriage.

Sep-14 / last prayer 10m ago
Ann Hanchey

Mark Edwards (mother in-law), she has Pulmonary Fibrosis and the doctors say one day it will take her life.

Sep-14 / last prayer 13h ago
Ray Carlisle

Father God, we are in agreement with Brother Ray Carlisle for his total absolute healing in his back, and in his legs by the stripes born through the resurrected Christ Jesus our savior, PTL!

Sep-25 / last prayer 2h ago
Katie Bass

Please pray for my mother Katie Bass, who is fighting COVID in the ICU. Please God give Katie the strength and will power to get up out of the bed with full recovery so she can come to my wedding.

Sep-22 / last prayer 4m ago
Jolynn Schaefer

My daughter is in her 6th day of her COVID battle and now at hospital being told pneumonia has set in. She is scared and alone please pray for strength and healing.

Sep-14 / last prayer 9m ago
Pearline Jackson

Depression has attacked me since uncle passed n my friend n so much to deal with his house

Sep-22 / last prayer 5m ago
Steve and Mary Fiaschetti

Please continue to pray for our situation with the tenants squatting on our property. We need them to move so we can have our home back. Pray they find a place soon. Until then we are homeless.

Sep-12 / last prayer 13h ago
Baby Brother

Laila is praying to have a baby brother in her mommy's belly and would like our church family to pray and believe with her.

Sep-17 / last prayer 9m ago

A child that’s 2 1/2 years old and his name is Josiah is having testing done because of complications that he was having

Sep-13 / last prayer 13h ago

Urgent prayer request. Our neighbor had taken a bad fall today and now being transferred to Grand Strand because of brain bleed.

Sep-12 / last prayer 13h ago
Gary Blanchard senior

Agreeing believing prayer for Gary Blanchard senior, who took a fall off his cement truck over a year ago and is believing God for total absolute recovery

Sep-12 / last prayer 13h ago
Pauline Williamson & Nancy McCarter

Pauline Williamson's sister Nancy McCarter is on hospice care in the home. Pray for strength and peace for Pauline and also for Nancy.

Sep-07 / last prayer 13h ago
Jimmy Ortega

Please lift Jimmy up. He was taking the boat trailer off the hitch and it rolled forward and pinned his foot. We are at urgent care now. Looks like he broke it. We leave Sunday for vacation!!

Sep-17 / last prayer 13h ago
Donna Carier

Donna has an upper respiratory infection and painful ear infection. She needs healing and strengthening of her immune system.

Sep-19 / last prayer 8m ago