Gloria Hackman

Lord restore my soul and forgive me for all the things I have done, restore my family and marriage and sons and sister and give me direction and favor

Sep-24 / last prayer 101m ago
Tracy Hanson

Tracy had her first round of chemo. Please keep her in your prayers!

Sep-23 / last prayer 100m ago
Denise Beard

Having multiple surgeries Friday September 29th in Mt. Pleasant Sc

Sep-27 / last prayer 99m ago
Gloria Hackman

Prayer for marriage restoration or Godly mate been praying for 28years for this and lonely Prayer for son Larry Psalm 91,debt free home and to go to Bible College

Sep-26 / last prayer 100m ago

Can you pray for my family, my wife and my kids. Help us to find jobs. And draw closer to God and family each new day!

Sep-26 / last prayer 99m ago
Edna Casolo

This is Patrick and I need prayer for my mother Edna. She has found out she has lung disease and they found a spot on her lung and they want to run more test to rule out cancer.

Sep-17 / last prayer 101m ago
Brinda Elliott

Healing from arthritis

Sep-13 / last prayer 100m ago
Kelly Brooks

Please pray for me. I am having an MRI Saturday evening at Novant of my lower back and hip. I have been having trouble walking, standing and sitting for some time now.

Sep-20 / last prayer 100m ago
Anita McKinney

Guidance in finding a new full time job close to home thats a bit easier on my back

Sep-13 / last prayer 100m ago
Joyce Porter (Candy Moore's sister)

Has shingles again and will need corrective surgery for a broken wrist that didn't heal correctly. (She has brittle bones from chemo and long term meds to keep cancer in remission.)

Sep-25 / last prayer 101m ago
Gavin Turner

In need of deliverance from fear. And healing in my brain and mind.

Sep-16 / last prayer 101m ago
Gary Pegg

Pray for Gary who has cancer and is in the hospital and had two large masses removed

Sep-25 / last prayer 100m ago
Merry Anne

Mary Ann fell and crushed her knee and is in need for prayer for quick recovery

Sep-27 / last prayer 100m ago

Please pray for God's protection and guidance in my life. Pray for God's grace and peace in my life.

Sep-28 / last prayer 101m ago
Taylor McCumbee

Continue to pray for me I am still havein bad female problems and a really bad chest pain under my right breast

Sep-23 / last prayer 101m ago
Todd Smith

My son Todd needs prayer for his sugar to be under control,damage to his heart be healed,blood pressure normal please tell pastors Johnny and Brenda they know me from Michigan thank you

Sep-12 / last prayer 101m ago

Our house is on the market. Pray that it sells quickly and with no issues. We have found a home in Calabash but our home has to sell first to get the money to move. Thank you for all the prayers.

Sep-14 / last prayer 99m ago
Peggy Fox

Peggy found lump on her breast which was biopsied and she is believing for a good report and no cancer! Let's all agree with her in Jesus's name amen!

Sep-27 / last prayer 100m ago
Missy Miller's family

Missy Miller has passed away (a close friend of Jerry Noakes). Please pray for her family!

Sep-13 / last prayer 100m ago
Roseanne Moore

Keep me in my family in your prayers as I am going through breast cancer

Sep-18 / last prayer 100m ago
Taylor McCumbee

I am still havein very bad female problems after giving brith to my son and blood pressure problems and headaches

Sep-20 / last prayer 100m ago